Nyckelharpa Camp 5th-8th August 2024

Annette Osann 

We offer for the 8th time (in cooperation with the Music School of Forlimpopoli and the European Nyckelharpa Training) a specialization workshop in early music (for nyckelharpa / viola d'amore a chiavi) suitable for medium-level students. at the Music School of Forlimpopoli. Annette Osann's career is a symbiosis of nyckelharpa making and nyckelharpa playing. She interprets baroque music on the nyckelharpa and adapts the nyckelharpa to the baroque sound.
She not only teaches playing technique, but also the basics of instrument making and instrument care. Enhance your technique and ensemble playing  during an intensive workshop with Annette Osann  -  making music out of notes!
Tuning: 415 Hz
Information: [email protected]