The classes will be held from 30th July to 2nd August 2020 as part of the 28th edition of the Summer Master Classes organized by the Musical Institute “Dante Alighieri” of Bertinoro.
Early Music Master Classes artistic direction and didactic coordination: Marco Ambrosini  
The master classes are a great opportunity to meet international musicians interested in the study and improvement of Early Music.
The four teachers Marco Ambrosini, Michael Posch, Maria Luisa Baldassari and Francesca Torelli are active not only as interpreters of  international fame, but also as teachers in various European Music Universities.
The master classes will begin Thursday, July 30th in the afternoon and end on Sunday, August 2nd at noon.
Attention: The maximum number of participants for each master class is limited.
Languages: Italian, German, Spanish, French and English

Tuning: A=415 Hz


 • Early Music for nyckelharpa / Schlüsselfidel / viola d’amore a chiavi 

   Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625): Fantasies of Three Parts
   John Dowland (1563-1626): Semper Dowland semper dolens
   Scores download

Teacher: Marco Ambrosini - Languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish and English      


  Ensemble practice - From the Middle Ages to Baroque   

Teacher: Michael Posch - Languages: English and German        

Clavicembalo and clavichord 
  Baroque and renaissance) 

Teacher: Maria Luisa Baldassari - Languages: Italian and English

Lute and Basso continuo
Teacher: Francesca Torelli - Languages: Italian and English

Musical accompaniment for the classes:  Eva-Maria Rusche
The team of the master classes is trained professionals whose primary purpose is to better train those who will be the musicians of the future, accompanying them in a path that can put them in contact with the experiences and techniques of great musicians of the highest level. 
Thanks to the fundamental and valuable contribution of the Dante Alighieri School of Music of Bertinoro and the University Center (CEUB), students will have the opportunity to play, study and live in a place of undisputed beauty and historical importance, a comfortable and safe place made even from the widespread and tireless work of managers and organizational collaborators. 
A distinctive feature of the philosophy of our courses is the proximity and sharing, within the University Center there is a theater and students have free access to the use of all the spaces and activities of the Entroterre Festival in a free way, from concerts to all events planned in the busy program schedule. 
Also inside the CEUB is the cafeteria where masters and students share meals prepared by specialized personnel with particular attention to the dietary needs of everyone. Every corner of the CEUB is provided with free WI-FI for the students and always inside the spaces there are several halls and spaces to study and play together. 
The Secretariat, carries out a work of extreme importance and professionalism following all the needs of the students and their families since the first registration. 
All this makes the courses of high perfection a unique and unforgettable experience, in the unique atmosphere of Bertinoro


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